France: Left-wing mayor arrested in 70-kilo cannabis bust at her home

Mayor of Avallon Jamilah Habsaoui
By John Cody
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A Socialist mayor and two of her brothers have been arrested in France after a police raid recovered 70 kilograms of cannabis at her home.

Jamilah Habsaoui, the mayor of Avallon, was detained on Sunday along with several others during a widescale coordinated anti-drug operation in the eastern town.

The drugs were discovered in an outbuilding belonging to Habsaoui, who has been mayor of the town since 2021 and is also a regional councilor.

A total of 75 officers including surveillance teams and dog handlers were deployed to seize narcotics and proceeds of crime as part of the “XXL Clean Space” operation.

Nearly 1 kilogram of cocaine, €7,000 in cash, and 20 gold bars were also seized in other locations.

“Seven people, including the mayor of Avallon and two of her brothers, were placed in police custody,” Auxerre public prosecutor Hugues de Phily told AFP.

It is understood the 44-year-old left-wing mayor, formerly of the French Socialist Party, lives with her father and one of her brothers, the latter of whom is already known to police and was previously convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

According to a source close to the investigation, a further search was conducted at Habsaoui’s office on Sunday.

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