France: Walid E. accused of raping and robbing 96-year-old French woman, already known to police

Symbol photo (left). Pictured right is Walid E., the suspected rapist in a case involving a woman who is 96 years old.
By John Cody
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Walid E. has been arrested for the rape and robbery of a 96-year-old French woman, an ordeal that lasted two hours inside her apartment in Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine).

Although the incident happened on Feb. 13, the man’s name has only now been released. Police say Walid E. broke into the elderly woman’s apartment and stole her valuables, but before leaving, raped the woman.

Arrested on March 6, Walid E. was indicted for aggravated rape in the case. He now faces a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

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The suspect is well-known to the police, as he was investigated for sexual offenses against a minor inside the same building.

Laetitia, the mother of 14-year-old Kellya, said that her daughter became involved in a romantic relationship with the alleged attacker, who was 18 years old at the time.

“At the time of his incarceration, we discovered that our daughter had been the victim of violence, rape and acts of barbarism on the part of this man,” Laetitia told CNews. Her daughter also tried to end her life over her involvement with the man.

Photo of the suspect, Walid E., on the right (Source: Instagram).

The mother said that Walid E. had also beaten her daughter when she refused to hand over the mother’s bank card details.

“Since I’m Jewish, he thought I was rich. This is a typical case of the prejudices that are rampant among some young people from the suburbs,” said Laetitia.

“In the same way, he considered my daughter to be a ‘whore’, probably because she was not veiled,” she added.

Although no information has been released about Walid E.’s nationality, Walid is a common Arabic name.

The family filed a complaint, but the file was closed without further action in 2021. Laetitia said that she now regrets that the justice system did not pursue the matter, especially in light of the alleged rape of the elderly woman inside the building.

“These women and men of justice, I had warned them that he was dangerous, very dangerous,” said the mother.

France saw a dramatic increase in rape, drug use and physical assault across France in 2021. French President Emmanuel Macron has admitted that at least half of all crimes are committed by foreigners in Paris.

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