French actress refuses to file charges for home burglary after learning suspects were illegal immigrants

By Thomas Brooke
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A French actress whose residence in the south of France was burgled while she was away filming opted not to file a police complaint against the perpetrators after learning the suspects were illegal immigrants.

Audrey Lamy, whose house was targeted in October 2022, was deprived of several pieces of expensive jewelry and designer handbags during the raid, in addition to footing an €18,200 bill to repair the damage to her house.

However, when three suspects of Italian-Bosnian origin were apprehended on suspicion of carrying out the burglary, as well as 15 others over three months back in 2022, the 43-year-old actress was said to have been “touched in the heart” and chose not to press charges.

According to PurePeople magazine, Lamy wanted to “let it slide” rather than add further charges to the indictment.

The migrant trio, all of whom had been living in France illegally, stood trial for the spate of burglaries on April 3 before the Montpellier judicial court. The indictment did not include the raid on Lamy’s home.

Of the three suspects, two were acquitted of all charges and were free to leave the courtroom. The third was sentenced to one year in prison and handed a 10-year ban from entering French territory following the conclusion of his custodial sentence.

It is unclear how much evidence the public prosecutor had gathered regarding the other burglaries and therefore how vital a complaint by Lamy could have been to securing a conviction.

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