Germany: 20 migrants attack graduation party armed with bottles

A mob of migrant men attacked a graduation celebration with broken bottles

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Denes Albert

A group of 20 migrant men attacked visitors to a high school graduation party at a club in Görlitz, Saxony, early on Saturday morning, according to Radio Lausitz.

During the attack, eight guest were injured and five people were hospitalized. Police arrested 12 suspects, which were made up of Syrians, Turks, Iraqis, and Lebanese.

Initially, the guests of the party at the Görlitz “L2” club were insulted by the migrant group. Then, the attackers threw bottles and attempted to stab victims with broken bottles.

The mayor of the Saxon city, Octavian Ursu, took to Facebook to say the men should be punished.

“Insults and behavior that lead to a brawl with injuries are unacceptable. The perpetrators must be punished and, if the events currently described are proven to be so, they have forfeited their right to hospitality with us,” he said.

In addition, he announced a meeting to discuss the attack on the graduation celebration.

However, there were other attacks at graduation parties over the weekend in Germany. In Berlin’s multicultural Wedding neighborhood, a group of “southerners” barged into a graduation party on Friday evening and a fight broke out. According to Bild, eight guests were injured when one of the perpetrators unleashed pepper spray on a crowd.

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