Germany: Nearly 300 gang rapes recorded in Berlin since 2020, and more than half were committed by foreigners

By John Cody
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New police data released by the Berlin Senate shows that approximately 300 rapes involving more than one perpetrator were recorded in Germany’s capital since 2020, and more than half were committed by foreigners.

The data was provided by Berlin’s government after a request for information from Alternative for Germany MP Marc Vallendar.

The data shows that for 2020, there were 98 rapes involving more than one perpetrator, 106 in 2021, and 89 in 2022. The data also shows there has been a dramatic increase in recent years, with only 38 such cases recorded in 2018.

Of the 302 suspects that were identified, more than half do not have German citizenship. Germany does not keep data on the racial or ethnic background of suspects, so it is unclear how many of the German citizens arrested for this crime are ethnic Germans.

suspects by nationality
Suspects by nationality (Graphic: Senate)

AfD MP Vallendar told German newspaper Junge Freiheit: “The steady increase in serious sexual offenses that can be observed is frightening. If you then read about sentences on suspended sentences for completed rapes, then these developments are less and less surprising.”

He demanded “harsh penalties and quick deportations for sex offenders.”

As Remix News has previously reported, an average of two women are gang-raped in Germany every single day. Despite composing just 13.7 percent of Germany’s total population, foreigners are involved in half of the gang-rape cases. The official report notes that men from majority-Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are disproportionately represented as suspects in the recorded cases of gang rape. 

Migrants from Afghanistan are said to be especially overrepresented in the country’s gang rape statistics. As of 2018, Afghans made up 0.3 percent of Germany’s population but were suspected perpetrators in 6 percent of the country’s recorded gang rapes. The majority of the rapes took place while the migrants were in the process of applying for asylum. 

Commenting on the disturbing statistics in 2021, criminologist Christian Pfeiffer said at the time that there’s “always the same basic pattern” among the perpetrators.

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“Frustrated young men who fail,” Pfeiffer said. “They come from a culture in which men play the clear dominant role in society. In Germany, they then live in an outsider role. They notice that they have a hard time getting on with girls.”

Following the release of these statistics on gang rape in 2021, Necla Kelek, a Turkish-born German feminist and women’s rights activist, called on the German government to address the role migration is playing in Germany’s rape epidemic.

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“Migration research must question how a young girl can become a victim of men who come from another cultural arena,” Kelek said. “Group rape is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. If society abandons them, the soul is almost wiped out.”

In Berlin, the foreign-born population, along with second- and even third-generation migrants, have been especially problematic.

In 2017, Berliner Morgenpost stated that nearly half of all crime suspects in Berlin were foreigners, and as of 2019, half of all prisoners in Berlin were foreigners.

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Data has also shown that Germany’s foreign-born population is increasingly responsible for sexual violence in the country. This population went from committing 35 percent of rapes to 42.44 percent between 2000 and 2020.

Other countries in Europe are facing the same exact problem. For instance, 42 percent of all rape suspects in Italy are foreigners.

In 2018, the SVT news service indicated that 58 percent of men with rape or attempted rape convictions in Sweden over the preceding five years were immigrants born outside the European Union, with most of them coming from North Africa, South Africa, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

The BBC also reported that in cases in Sweden where victims did not know their attackers, the proportion of foreign-born men convicted of sexual assault was 80 percent.

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