Germany: Syrian migrant smiles for the camera after arrest for stabbing ticket inspector

By Dénes Albert
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A Syrian migrant who was caught dodging his ticket fare went on a rampage on Sunday in Dresden, stabbing the ticket inspector in the stomach and slashing the bus’s tires.

Despite his arrest, Germany’s top-selling Bild newspaper caught a photo of the 23-year-old being led into court by two officers. The Bild criticized the suspect for having a big smile on his face as he looked towards the paper’s photographer.

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The Syrian had been ordered off the bus by the ticket inspector after he tried to ride without a ticket. The man did not immediately stab the inspector but instead got off the bus at “Alter Postweg” after being asked to do so. He then returned on a bicycle, pulled out his knife, and slashed a tire on the bus.

When the ticket inspector went outside to confront him, he responded by stabbing the ticket inspector in the stomach. Police report that the inspector was “seriously injured” and transported to a hospital where he remains in stable condition. After stabbing his victim, the Syrian got on his bicycle and rode away, but the police arrested him shortly thereafter near the crime scene.

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The Syrian has been charged with attempted murder. The fact that the suspect returned with his bike may aid the prosecution, as it could help them argue the stabbing was not a spontaneous act but premeditated.

It is not the first case of a migrant stabbing a German simply for doing their job. Last year, a female gardener was nearly killed and left with severe cognitive disabilities after she was brutally stabbed by an Afghan migrant simply because she was a female doing work, which the Afghan migrant objected to.

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