Hungary: Shocking photos released of victims targeted in Budapest by the Antifa Hammer Gang

By Dénes Albert
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After Italy’s government criticized the treatment of a suspected Antifa terrorist who prosecutors say helped brutally beat innocent civilians in Hungary in February of last year, the Hungarian government has released photographs showing the damage to victims targeted by the gang.

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Authorities accuse the 39-year-old Ilaria Salis of being instrumental in the attacks, and she is now facing a potential 11-year prison sentence, as previously reported by Remix News. She is currently on trial for three counts of attempted assault causing bodily harm in a criminal organization, two counts of being an accomplice and one count of being an accessory.

During a press briefing, Hungarian cabinet minister Gergely Gulyás showed photographs of the innocent victims of the attacks by the far-leftist Salis to illustrate their brutality. He also indicated that the Italian suspect’s credibility is highly questionable, as she has been proven to have lied about her education, marital status and personal relationships during the proceedings.

In jail, Ilaria Salis was particularly critical of her living conditions and the lack of contact, with Italy’s foreign minister and prime minister criticizing her conditions. Gulyás said that the Italian woman was visited by her immediate family and her lawyer seven times over five days between October 2023 and January 2024, and twice by a consular official.

“Once again, we are talking about those who committed massive brutal violence against innocent Hungarian and non-Hungarian citizens from behind, and that is why they traveled here,” said Gulyás during the press conference.

He further noted that In this specific case, the detention conditions of the Italian women have met European Union and Hungarian regulations, both regarding health care and hygienic conditions.

“From March last year to January this year, she made 323 phone calls and was even allowed to make 13 video calls during the same period, 10 of which were made,” the minister said. The seriousness of the crime committed is illustrated by the fact that at the trial, where it is possible to close the criminal proceedings if the accused confesses, the prosecutor proposed 11 years imprisonment, he pointed out. Gulyás added that this means that by not pleading guilty and continuing the proceedings, the prosecution will ask for a longer sentence.

39-year-old Ilaria Salis was led into court in handcuffs and shackles on Wednesday.

A video of the incident went viral last year, showing a mob of Antifa thugs beating a man who they believed to be a far-right activist, but who was actually a tobacco store worker on his way to his job. He was one of a number of victims who received severe injuries, including fractures, broken bones, and multiple stitches.

A German member of the Hammer Gang was recently convicted in Hungary in the same Budapest attacks and will serve a three-year sentence. Another German is on trial and faces up to three and a half years in prison.

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