‘If we applied the laws, I wouldn’t have been raped’ – Young French woman speaks out after illegal African migrant rapes her in Paris building lobby

French rape victim Claire
By John Cody
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A French rape victim, Claire, is speaking out to the press after she was raped by an illegal African migrant, saying that if he had been deported, the traumatic and brutal sexual assault would have never occurred. In her latest interview with French magazine Une Certaine Idée, she also notes that not a single left-wing feminist has spoken to her about the incident.

Une Certaine Idée asked her when she found out that the assailant was under an order to leave the territory of France (OQTF), she said: “The police told me when he was arrested. It’s even more revolting: Why is he still here? He wouldn’t have done this if this had been carried out.”

She also told CNews in a televised interview: “If we applied the laws, I would not have been raped by an illegal migrant under OQTF (a deportation order).”

To BFMTV, she spoke about her rape and the general situation around deportations of criminal foreigners, who are barely ever actually forced to leave France after serious criminal convictions.

“We don’t apply the laws,” Claire told a BFMTV journalist.

Her case has caused a sensation in the French news sphere due to her willingness to speak not only about her rape but also to criticize the system that allowed it to happen. The same left that usually speaks of “rape culture” and claims to promote a feminist position, has gone on the offensive against Claire.

“The media — especially on the left — have distorted my words by saying that I wanted to get involved in politics and that I was far-right, but that’s not the case at all. I’m simply denouncing the facts I’ve experienced, and people can do what they like with them. But I don’t get involved in politics, there’s no political message. The left politicizes in order to ignore reality: No left-wing feminist has ever come to talk to me,” she said.

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When asked by a journalist from Une Certaine Idée what she thought of the left’s position on immigration, she answered: “Their perfect world has no connection with reality, they are locked behind their golden gates. My message would have been different if I had not been raped by a man under OQTF, but I would have testified as well. However, since the rapist is under OQTF, the message revolts them, but it’s like that,” she said.

However, she was not the only rape victim that night, and in fact, the man had just raped another young girl an hour before the incident.

“The judicial police took my statement and told me that another young girl had probably been raped an hour before me by the same individual, only a 10-minute walk from my house. They were very cooperative, they’re very experienced. They were very professional. After that, you have to go to the Medico-Judicial Units, where you undergo a battery of tests,” Claire said.

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She also pointed out that after the rape, she was not given or offered psychological advice:

“The next day, the full deposition lasted four hours. But after that, you’re out in the wild. While the police did their job very well, I think there was a problem with psychological follow-up. There’s no real system in place. They give you papers, of course, but that’s as far as it goes. There are very few psychologists available to the police. The psychological aspect needs to be taken more into account. The victim feels completely abandoned,” she added.

She added, however, that police quickly caught the perpetrator and kept her informed of the proceedings throughout the process.

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“For the rape case that preceded mine, there were cameras that made it possible to identify the rapist. What’s more, he had left with my shopping bag, which contained tickets that made it easy to identify him. He was quickly arrested on the Champs-Élysées. I have always been well informed of his situation, from police custody to his current pre-trial detention at Fleury-Mérogis.”

Claire also said that the media — especially the leftist media — misrepresented her political position.

“I want to shake things up by speaking out, to make people understand that there are problems caused by the non-application of laws. I want to create a podcast that allows women who have been raped or assaulted to speak out so that their voices can be heard,” Claire said.

As Remix News has previously reported, rapes have soared in France in tandem with mass immigration, with the vast majority of suspects being foreigners. Now, in some cities, French women are afraid to walk the streets, and some are even assaulted for simply wearing a dress that foreign men deem to be too short.

The French feminist collective Collectif Némésis has been actively exposing the dangers posed by mass immigration and the deteriorating situation for Western women across the country. Many of the women belonging to the group have been delivering personal testimonials of the sexual harassment and abuse they have suffered, especially from North Africans, also known as Maghrebis.

“Personally, it is always the Maghrebi types who follow, whistle at and insult me,” said Lea in one video from the group.

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