Man arrested after stabbing French retiree to death

The suspect, Mouhssine K., is an “unbalanced” individual and “well known to the police services”

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Fdesouche
Trappes, north-central France. (Twitter)

A 66-year-old French retiree died on Sunday after being stabbed multiple times by his attacker as he took a midday stroll in the town of Trappes, north of Paris, French news portal Fdesouche reported.

The victim, known as Michel R., had this throat cut and was stabbed twice in the carotid artery by the assailant, according to an initial police report, however, the autopsy report revealed the victim had been stabbed 10 times.

The attack happened around 1 p.m. as the victim walked through a park in old Trappes, in Yvelines, a short distance from his home.

Authorities arrested a suspect shortly after the attack outside the church of Trappes; he has since been named as Mouhssine K., an “unbalanced” individual and “well known to the police services,” according to a police statement.

Initial reports suggest the victim did not know his assailant, and a clear motive for the attack is unknown at this stage.

The 45-year-old suspect was reportedly known in the community for his erratic behavior.

“When it happened, we immediately thought of him,” said a source close to the case. “He is someone who had had psychiatric problems for some time,” they added.

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