New Year’s horror: African migrant arrested for raping 75-year-old French woman on New Year’s morning

By John Cody
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In a horrifying case that saw tragedy strike on New Year’s morning, a 75-year-old French woman was brutally raped by an African migrant, according to police.

The African suspect entered the house in Ozoir-la-Ferrièr, located in a small, quiet street, on Monday morning through a window that was not properly closed. Police say the man first went to the husband’s room who screamed when he saw him. However, the husband is bedridden and disabled, and was not able to stop what happened next.

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The suspect then went to the 75-year-old wife’s bedroom and proceeded to rape her and partake in “unprotected sex,” according to French newspaper Le Figaro. After raping her, he demanded she pay him money. She handed over a €50 bill, at which point the suspect fled.

In a state of shock, the woman called her son. She was then transported to Jossigny Hospital for treatment.

French television news outlet BFMTV reported that the suspect has since been arrested.

The African migrant has been charged with rape, breaking and entering, assault, and theft.

Other cases of sexual assault also occurred during New Year’s celebrations, including an Afghan man who overpowered a 7-year-old girl and kissed her on the mouth, according to police. The incident occurred at the Trocadéro in Paris, where the suspect was arrested, according to Le Parisien. The father managed to hold down the attacker, who was highly intoxicated, until police could arrive to arrest the man.

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The parents of the young victim must still file an official complaint. They did not want firefighters to immediately interview their child, who was in a state of shock after the incident.

The accused was transferred to a Paris court and charged for “sexual assault on a minor aged 15 by an adult, with an age difference of at least 5 years.”

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