Outrage after Afghan gang rapist given police protection in Germany; interior ministry refuses to deport him

Mukthar N. was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for gang rape.
By Dénes Albert
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After just two and a half years in prison for gang rape, Afghan Mukthar N. is back out on the streets of Illerkirchberg, but this time he enjoys taxpayer-funded police protection. The fact that he is in Illerkirchberg is also notable, given it is on the outskirts of Ulm, a city that made national headlines recently after an Eritrean migrant murdered the 14-year-old girl Ece S.

Authorities say they are “concerned” for the gang rapist’s safety due to growing resentment in Illerkirchberg, which has a troubled asylum home where gang rapists and murderers have menaced the small community.

The police protection detail reportedly began on the same day of the funeral for Ece S.

The 29-year-old Mukthar N. was already supposed to have been deported, but due to intervention from left-wing Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD), the man has been allowed to stay in Germany. The district continues to try to deport the sex offender, who drugged and raped a girl, also 14 years old at the time, with three other asylum seekers. The ordeal lasted for hours for the young girl.

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However, Faeser’s interior ministry argues that such a deportation is not possible due to Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

After Mukthar N.’s prison sentence, the state government sent him back to the scene of the crime, Illerkirchberg, where he now has taxpayer-funded police protection. However, the community was never informed the convicted gang rapist was sent back into their area, despite police saying the man continues to represent “high potential danger of committing further sexual offenses to the detriment of unknown young women.”

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Mukthar N. is supposed to report daily to the town hall of the village as a part of his release conditions, but the rejected asylum seeker has fundamentally violated this requirement. Despite this violation, he has faced no consequences.

After the murder of Ece S, who was stabbed to death on her way to school by a migrant from the local asylum home, police fear there will be retribution against asylum seekers in Illerkirchberg. As a result, once news leaked that Mukthar N. was back in Illerkirchberg, police began guarding his home.

According to Bild newspaper, the Ulm police headquarters announced, “We also have to worry about his safety. If there is a recommendation we can give him, then of course we will give it to him.”

Mukthar N. has since gone into hiding, and it is unknown where the man, who police have labeled as dangerous, is currently located.

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