‘Shitty White filth!’ Young couple attacked by group of 10 migrants during evening stroll through Nice

By Thomas Brooke
3 Min Read

Several migrant youths have appeared before a court in Nice after being charged with a heinous attack on a young White couple as they strolled through the city on Sunday evening.

The couple was walking down Boulevard de Gorbella in the southern French city when they were approached by two teenagers with whom they made eye contact.

The two suspects reportedly proceeded to utter racist insults at the young couple. According to the victims’ lawyer, Rudy Amsellem, the couple were called, “Shitty French filth, White filth.”

They were subsequently set upon by the two migrant youths, although the male victim, known as Noam, who reportedly has training in a combat sport, fended off his attackers who fled.

However, the two minors, dissatisfied with the outcome, contacted associates gathered in a nearby apartment who came to their aid, and the young couple soon found themselves the target of an attack by approximately 10 assailants.

The pair were savagely beaten and knocked to the ground. They were officially excused from work due to their injuries for seven and three days, respectively.

Eight suspects, including four minors, were referred by police to the public prosecutor on Tuesday and subsequently appeared before the Nice courthouse.

The adult defendants included three repeat offenders with previous convictions, all of whom protested their innocence at the initial hearing. All four individuals were released by the presiding judge.

The minors, however, who admitted their involvement in the attack will be prosecuted.

Philippe Vardon, a local nice counselor affiliated with Éric Zemmour’s Reconquête party, tweeted: “Will this young couple’s racist attack in Nice 06 make the headlines or will it be glossed over!?”

Local journalist Karen Adhar questioned the court’s decision to release the adult perpetrators and explained that the minors involved in the attack are unlikely to be incarcerated, meaning no one will go to prison for the attack.

“It would be good for the prosecution and Judge Christophe Legay to explain (his decision) to us. Because since the other four are minors, there is little risk that they will be condemned. So Noam was lynched in a racist attack by a pack and no aggressor will be sent to prison. Is this normal?” she tweeted.

“Eight young racists beat a young man with his girlfriend while using racial slurs because of their origin, because they were a Nice couple, and (they were) humiliated that Noam managed to defend himself against two of their own. The prosecution botches the case and puts it under a bushel,” she added.

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