Sweden: Migrant faces deportation after blinding young Swedish girl during firework attack

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By John Cody
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A migrant in his 20s is facing a series of charges in Swedish court after prosecutors say he purposely launched fireworks into a crowd of people, resulting in a teenage girl losing vision in her right eye while she was out trying to enjoy New Year’s festivities in the Scandinavian country.

The attack, which occurred in Tranås, was one of many such incidents during the New Year’s holiday, but in this case, the injury was especially bad. The girl was rushed to the hospital and required surgery in her right eye. According to doctors, the firework blast severed the optic nerve in her eye, resulting in permanent visual impairment and blindness.

Prosecutors say the man lit the firework and then threw it into a crowd, an event captured on several videos, including surveillance cameras. Eyewitnesses at the scene also testified in court, according to Swedish news outlet SVT.

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The suspect is also facing charges for endangering other people when he launched the fireworks into the crowd.

Just days before, on Dec. 26, the man also allegedly hurled a firework into a candy shop in Tranås, an event that was caught on security camera. He is also being charged for this incident.

Prosecutors are asking for the man to be deported from Sweden if he is convicted, although he denies any guilt. News reports do not indicate which country the man is from.

Deportations have ticked up under the conservative Swedish government, but judges routinely deny deportation requests from prosecutors.

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