Claims Russia will attack Germany are scaremongering propaganda, argues Hungarian commentator

The German government’s scaremongering about Russia only serves to hide its incompetence, publicist Zsolt Bayer writes

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author: John Cody and Denes Albert
Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting with the residents of Anadyr, Chukotka region, Russian Far East, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2024. (Pavel Bednyakov, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

The German press is claiming that Putin is gearing up to attack Germany and that a war could start in weeks, with the “classified” information reportedly leaked to leading newspaper Bild. However, one Hungarian commentator has already picked apart the entire story and lists three reasons why the story is sensationalist scaremongering.

According to the classified report, Germany’s armed forces are preparing for an armed conflict with Russia, including hosting exercises regarding an escalation between NATO and Russia that could begin as early as February this year.

In this Bundeswehr scenario, escalation would begin within weeks. The secret “scenario” obtained by Bild would begin in February 2024 with the deployment of hundreds of thousands of NATO troops, culminating in a war that would break out in the summer of 2025.”

Hungarian commentator Zsolt Bayer, in response to the report, described it as “obvious lies, lunacy, delusion,” saying that if it were actually true, “it would mean nothing less than a third World War and the end of mankind.”

According to the documents, German forces would deploy tens of thousands of troops to fight Russia. However, the Hungarian commentator also took issue with this claim, arguing that there would be no point in deploying troops, as such a conflict would quickly go nuclear.

“Then, the Germans would deploy tens of thousands of troops against Putin, while NATO would deploy hundreds of thousands? Really? And for what anyway? Such a world conflagration would be ‘escalated’ by the deployment of tactical and then the full nuclear arsenal. Why tens and hundreds of thousands of troops?” he wrote.

“And will someone please tell me why Putin would attack NATO? What interest would he have in doing so?” Bayer further questioned.

The Hungarian argues that Ukraine was a different story, as it was not a NATO member and because “Ukraine was carrying out pogroms against Russians living there, and partly because the West, for some unfathomable reason, wanted to plant a nuclear arsenal at Russia’s doorstep.”

However, if Russia were to attack Germany, it would first need to occupy a heavily armed Poland on its way toward invading German territory. Furthermore, it would not only be facing Poland, but immediately other countries such as the United States, and all other NATO members would be required to enter the conflict. The war would be nothing short of a World War Three.

However, Bayer issues one more point about why the entire scenario reeks of propaganda. He also mentions the fact that many security experts have stated, and sometimes gloated, that Russia was unable to handle even Ukraine. As a result, claims that Russia will now shift its beleaguered army toward battling all of NATO in a few months begins to sound unhinged.

“While the West is constantly shouting today that ‘Putin wouldn’t even stop at Portugal,’ we also hear from the same mouths that Putin and the Russians are not even able to hold the eastern parts of Ukraine. How do these two statements fit together? And let’s not forget — the most competent person, the former German chancellor, said that a month after the attack on Ukraine, there was a peace plan that both the Russians and the Ukrainians would have signed,” writes Bayer.

Bayer further goes on to ask how this secret scenario was obtained by a journalist to begin with.

“And of course, let’s not forget to ask the question: If such a secret ‘scenario’ existed, how would Germany’s biggest and most popular tabloid, Bild, get hold of it? ‘A secret document obtained by Bild’ – oh, of course. If Bild could indeed obtain such a ‘secret document,’ then we can safely say that the German intelligence apparatus has simply ceased to exist.”

He argues that the report, which made international headlines and was echoed across the German domestic media, was an attempt to influence public opinion and invoke fear.

“But then what is it really about? It’s that the German government has given Bild this information in an attempt to try and whip up fear by dismantling the growing discontent and resistance that this incompetent and idiotic government has caused and brought upon itself,” he wrote.

“‘Putin is about to attack us,’ so don’t worry about the state of the economy, the intolerable migrant situation, the disintegration of German society. Instead, worry about the ‘coming war’ – that is what all this villainy is about,” he argues.

He further goes on to quote former French MEP Florian Philippot, who wrote that NATO’s
“mad leaders” have not given up on a third World War in which they see Russia as their adversary. Philippot commented on Bild’s scenario on X, writing: “Leave NATO, destroy NATO and achieve peace.”

“That NATO leaders are crazy? Are the majority of Western politicians crazy? It is true. They are mad and rogue. But it does not follow that we should react like madmen and disband our defense alliance.

He argues that the solution is not to leave or disassemble NATO but to “get rid of all the lunatics, idiots and scoundrels” running it and to do so “as soon as possible.”

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