Hungary receives first of 44 German Leopard tanks

First Leopard tank arrives in Hungary. (Facebook)
By Dénes Albert
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Hungary has received the first German-made Leopard battle tank, with 44 more on the way, Defense Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky announced on Wednesday.

In a social media post, the Hungarian minister wrote, “What did you all get from St. Nicholas? The Hungarian Defense Forces received one of the world’s most modern tanks.”

The procurement marks the first delivery of a Leopard 2A7 with the Hungarian flag, which will reinforce the Hungarian tank division which supports NATO efforts in the region and helps to guarantee Hungary’s security.

Szalay-Bobrovniczky said that with the new tank, the Hungarian Defense Forces are entering the 21st century and hailed the move as another milestone in the defense and force development program. He added that the first five of the new tanks are expected to arrive in the next few days.

The Hungarian Armed Forces has ordered 44 of the new Leopard 2 A7s, which will be delivered to the Hungarian Defense Forces Klapka György 1st Armored Brigade in Tata. In addition to the Leopards, Leguan bridge-layer tanks and technical rescue combat vehicles will also be delivered to the country. The entire fleet will be delivered to the Hungarian Defense Forces by 2025. The Leopard 2 A7s have high speed and maneuverability in their class and are extremely reliable.

“The transition from Soviet equipment to more modern technology is also supported by a cooperation agreement with the German company KNDS, which is working with the factory management on additional services, simulation, and maintenance,” said Szalay-Bobrovniczky.

“This cooperation guarantees that the Hungarian Defense Forces will not only receive new equipment but also a high-quality fleet, supported by important services from the German company,” he added.

The official handover of the Leopards will take place on Dec. 14 in Tata.

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