Hungary tests its defense capabilities with ‘Adaptive Hussars 23’ military exercise

By Dénes Albert
2 Min Read

The Hungarian Defense Forces, with the participation of NATO forces, will hold a multi-national exercise called Adaptive Hussars 23 to test the country’s defense capabilities, Minister of Defense Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky has announced.

In the coming weeks, the Hungarian military will conduct operations in several parts of the country including ground, air, and river exercises.

“The Adaptive Hussars 23 exercise will provide an opportunity to strengthen the Hungarian armed forces’ combat capabilities in a drastically deteriorating security situation, while at the same time demonstrating Hungary’s credibility as a NATO member,” the minister said.

“The local NATO headquarters in Székesfehérvár and the NATO battle group deployed in Hungary will prove Hungary’s prominent role on the eastern flank, and our defense spending has already reached 2 percent of GDP, well ahead of schedule,” he added.

According to the Ministry of Defense, Hungarian citizens would see AN-2 river patrol boats, PTSZ amphibious infantry transport vehicles, and BTR-80 combat vehicles in operation across the country, in addition to the usual military personnel carriers, cargo vehicles, and logistics vehicles.

Military vehicle traffic will mainly affect the country’s M0, M3, and M7 motorways, as well as main roads 7 and 8, but on Sunday, ZLIN aircraft and Airbus helicopters were also spotted, moving from Szolnok to Pápa.

The Fejér Vármegyei Hírportál published a tracker of the road military convoy, showing the vehicles driving through Fejér county from Tata.

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