Russia plans huge troop surge into Ukraine while Ukraine struggles with manpower and weapons

Volunteers of the Georgian legion carry coffins of their comrades Nodar Nasirov, 28, and Georgia Gogilashvili, 40, who were killed in a battle against Russian troops, during a funeral ceremony in Kyiv, Ukraine, Tuesday, March 12, 2024. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)
By Dénes Albert
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The Russo-Ukrainian war may have reached an important turning point, as Russia is increasing its manpower in the country while Ukrainians are running out of weapons and troops, Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet reports.

Russia has consistently reported that its troops are steadily pushing back Ukrainian forces, while Moscow will reinforce its troops with two new armies and 30 new formations by the end of the year.

Russia, which invaded Ukraine in 2022, withdrew some of its forces in the east and south during one period of the war, but has since been making slow but steady progress, especially after last year’s Ukrainian counteroffensive failed to produce significant results. Russia controls barely a fifth of Ukraine, and President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to press on after Moscow seized the town of Avdiivka last month.

Groups of Russian troops continue to push the enemy out of their positions, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Soygu, adding that Russia’s successes were a cause of concern for the United States.

The minister also said they had managed to recruit hundreds of thousands of contract soldiers who could join the fighting forces this year. Western spy chiefs say the war could be reaching a turning point if Kyiv does not receive weapons from its Western allies, meaning Ukraine could suffer a battlefield defeat.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Tuesday that Ukraine’s survival was in danger.

The Ukrainian army is also facing a shortage of troops, which the Ukrainian leadership is struggling to address, while U.S. attention is increasingly focused on the presidential elections in November.

As Remix News recently reported, a German intelligence report issued a warning, claiming Putin plans to double his military might, thus raising new fears of a Russian offensive against the West.

The projections led intelligence services to conclude that an attack on NATO territory “can no longer be ruled out” from 2026. NATO officials were said to be concerned about Russia’s growing military capabilities, but did not necessarily believe this meant the West would be dragged into a war with Russia, the source reports.

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