EU continues to attack Hungary but stays silent on brutal power grab in Poland, says Hungarian MEP

Hungarian MEP Tamás Deutsch. (HírTV)
By Dénes Albert
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Despite the takeover of public media and the arrest of opposition figures in Poland, the next plenary session of the European Parliament will be another Hungarian debate based on lies and slander, said Hungarian MEP Tamás Deutsch during an appearance on a political talk show on news channel HírTV.

During the discussion, anchor Zsolt Bayer and the politician discussed the brutal crackdown on the conservative opposition in Poland.

Deutsch stressed that in the almost dozen proposals in the Strasbourg plenary session, various left-wing slanders against Hungary will be repeated again. At the same time, there will be no discussion of the events happening in Poland.

Commenting on the crackdown on Poland’s conservative opposition, the Fidesz MEP said that in Warsaw, the so-called “restoration of the rule of law is underway.”

“Of course, this means that the public media are being seized by physical and police violence, that the laws governing the operation of the public media are being overturned and not being respected, that a new legal regime is being introduced without any changes to the law, that people are being fired for having been employed by a previous government in order to liquidate any trace of opposition, but the rule of law is ‘flourishing’ in Warsaw. (…) The European Parliament is going to be loud about Hungary, and they are keeping quiet about Poland, sorry, but it has to be said,” Deutsch said.

The MEP said that instead of the tremendous events in Poland, the European Parliament will discuss the alleged “ban on the Soros University in Hungary.” However, Deutsch said it is not banned, and in fact, the Central European University (CEU) is currently operating in the Budapest city center.

“There will be a discussion about corruption, but not about the Eva Kaili scandal (…) but of course again about Hungary,” he added. “Katarina Barley, a German Social Democrat politician and vice-president of the European Parliament, has taken the liberty of saying that Hungarians and Poles should be starved (…) Her report is outright saying that whatever Hungary has agreed with the European Commission, Hungary should not continue to receive a single penny of EU funds and that Article 7 proceedings should even be brought against the Hungarians.”

The MEP also said that Brussels does not like the fact that Hungary takes a pro-peace stance, meaning it will remain a special target for the European left, especially now that Poland is now firmly in Brussels’ grasp.

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