German government is backing Israel’s ‘shameless colonization policy’ and ‘ethnic cleansing,’ claims Belgian socialist minister

Belgian development minister Caroline Gennez (
By Dénes Albert
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Belgian Development Minister Caroline Gennez, who belongs to the Socialist party, has sharply criticized the German government’s policy of backing Israel.

“It is difficult to understand why Germany is allowing itself to be pulled along by this Israeli government, which is pursuing a shameless colonization policy,” the Social Democrat politician from the Vooruit party told Knack magazine.

“The question arises as to whether our German friends will really be on the wrong side of history twice and whether they will continue to stand by and watch ethnic cleansing take place,” she said.

Martin Kotthaus, who serves as German Ambassador to Belgium, sharply criticized Gennez’s statement comparing Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip with the tactics of the Nazi government during World War II. Comparisons of the Holocaust with what is currently happening are out of the question, said Kotthaus.

He wrote that the German government’s position on the Gaza war and the situation in the Middle East is that Israel had the right to defend itself against the continuing terror of Hamas. At the same time, he said Israel must do everything in its power to protect the civilian population and adapt its military action accordingly.

At least 23,357 people have been killed and more than 59,410 wounded in Gaza due to Israeli attacks since Oct. 7, which is when Hamas launched an attack on Israel that killed approximately 1,200 people and soldiers.

Kotthaus, however, wrote that Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank, on the other hand, was illegal. He argues that it jeopardizes the two-state solution, which is necessary for long-lasting security and peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

Kotthaus further stated that Germany has a special responsibility for Israel’s security due to the Holocaust.

Germany is a substantial funder of Israel and has provided the nation with a broad assortment of weapons, including diesel submarines and air defense systems. As of Nov. 2, the German government has approved exports to Israel totaling €303 million worth of defense equipment. This is a sharp increase from 2022 when a total of only €32 million was exported. Most of these permits were granted after Nov. 8.

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