Polish passport ranked 6th strongest globally

By John Cody
2 Min Read

The Polish passport secured sixth place in the ranking, along with three other countries.

Henley & Partners analyzed passport data from all over the world to create its list. The principle is simple: The stronger the passport, the more country borders it can cross without a visa. Here, Poland has reason to be proud, as its passport allows entry into 189 countries worldwide.

Poland shares its ranking with Australia, the Czech Republic, and New Zealand, while narrowly surpassing Canada, Hungary, and even the United States by just one territory. Following Poland are countries including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Iceland, Cyprus, and Romania, which is in 13th place.

European countries generally performed well in the ranking. Lower positions were held by Serbia (37th), North Macedonia (45th), Albania (48th), Bosnia and Herzegovina (50th), and Belarus (64th).

In last place is Afghanistan, whose passport permits entry to only 28 countries.

So, which nations outperformed Poland? At the top of the list are France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Singapore, all of whose passports allow entry into 194 countries. Slightly ahead of Poland but still below the top-ranked nations are Finland, South Korea, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Greece, Malta, and Switzerland, with some countries occupying the same place.

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