European Parliament vote may endanger energy security, warns Hungarian MEP

Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch. (MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák)
By Dénes Albert
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The European Parliament votes again on Wednesday on the classification of energy sources, and should the vote exclude nuclear energy and gas from the list of green energy sources, this could compromise the energy security of Europe, Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Hungarian journalists, Deutsch said the left-wing torpedoing of the currently effective legislation means that Europe will not be able to import natural gas from any country in the world in future. The proposal essentially bans the use of natural gas in Europe, which destroys the security of Europe’s energy supply and skyrockets the price of energy, he warned.

“In addition, it also makes the goal of Europe becoming independent from Russian energy sources impossible,” Deutsch said. “There will be no source of energy, there will be no security of energy supply, and the little energy there is, will be unaffordable,” he added.

Deutsch also said that on Tuesday, Ukraine appealed to MEPs to agree that the use of natural gas and the peaceful use of nuclear energy should remain part of the so-called taxonomy decree.

“Anyone who wants to help the Ukrainians will vote down the European left’s initiative to make the green certification of natural gas and nuclear energy impossible,” Deutsch said. “We are in favor of the security of the Hungarian and European energy supply.”

Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth said in a press release that it is clear the 2050 climate goals of the European Union cannot be achieved without natural gas and nuclear energy. According to her, the stake of Wednesday’s parliamentary vote is whether it remains possible to ensure affordable energy prices and to maintain the results of the overhead reduction.

The goal of the European and Hungarian left, however, is to completely bleed the European and Hungarian economy, and impoverish the European people, Tóth claimed.

The draft taxonomy legislation presented by the European Commission at the beginning of March classifies certain activities related to nuclear energy and natural gas as environmentally sustainable economic activities. A list of such activities is called an EU taxonomy.

The taxonomy regulation is one of the draft laws through which the European Commission would provide resources for sustainable growth, help green investments, and try to avoid labeling non-sustainable projects as green.

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