Progressive liberals don’t care for European people, says Hungary PM Orbán

By Dénes Albert
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European liberals are not and never have been concerned about the fate of the European people, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has claimed.

Speaking at the award ceremony in Brussels for the János Hunyadi Prize, established by Hungary to highlight contributions to European freedom, independence, and the fostering of cooperation among nations, the Hungarian leader accused liberal elites of only being “interested in their own ideals, while their politics are about wanting to put them into practice.”

This year’s recipient of the award was Polish philosopher and politician Ryszard Antoni Legutko, who has also been a member of the European Parliament since 2009.

“He is a professor of philosophy who not only learned from history but also used history to predict what was to come. And everything he predicted has come true,” Orbán said of the laureate.

Referring to the professor’s writings, the Hungarian prime minister said that progressive liberals who have taken over the places of those who understood the Catholic concept of the universality, such as Schumann, Monet, or De Gaspari, are not interested in the European people.

“If the price of implementing their ideas is to dismantle European industry and agriculture, they will do it. If the price of their plan is to erase Europe’s cultural past through illegal migration, they will do that too,” he pointed out. Orbán added that there is also a big problem on another front, namely the weakening of sovereignist forces, especially with the exit of Britain from the European Union.

With the departure of the British, Central Europe has been left to represent the sovereignist vision, but the region is also showing signs of division, Orbán warned.

Speaking of Legutko’s country, Orbán noted that Poles and Hungarians have always agreed on sovereignty, but are now at a loss over what’s happening in Poland.

“Without wishing to interfere in the affairs of Professor Legutko’s country, of which he is more familiar, but from Budapest it seems that the Soros empire has come to power in Poland, and this is the worst omen a Hungarian can imagine,” he said.

Orbán added, however, that the June European Parliamentary elections give hope for a change in course in the politics of the continent.

“It has been a long time since I have seen such a good opportunity for national conservative sovereignist and Christian-based forces to become dominant in the European Union,” he concluded.

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