French MEP: Poland’s liberal government is ‘using gangsters methods one associates with dictatorships’

French MEPS Marion Marechal, Nicolas Bay, center, and Nicolas Procaccini speak to the press at the European Parliament Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024 in Strasbourg, eastern France. (AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Nicolas Bay, the French MEP from the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR), has lambasted the left-liberal government led by Donald Tusk in Poland, saying it has engaged in an unprecedented assault on the rule of law.

“The situation in Poland is serious. The government of Donald Tusk, a friend of Macron and von der Leyen, is persecuting judges, the media and conservative politicians,” wrote French MEP Nicolas Bay on social media. The politician notes that “this is an important attack on the rule of law, but the Brussels Commission does not seem to be concerned about it.”

The French MEP points out that Law and Justice (PiS) won the parliamentary elections, but the previous opposition formed a coalition and that is why the government in Poland changed. He adds that the European Commission criticized the Polish government when the conservatives (PiS) were in power, “constantly accusing them of undermining the rule of law.”

“In fact, as we know, these were just pretexts because the government pursued a policy that Brussels did not like,” he wrote.

The French MEP noted that the previous Polish government opposed the influx of migrants that are flowing into Europe on a daily basis and criticized LGBT ideology. The conservatives also tried to reform the judiciary to “ensure democratic control over the justice system,” but also to ensure a clear separation of powers. He pointed out that the current government is actually violating the rule of law, but Brussels has turned a deaf ear to the situation.

“We have a Polish government that, contrary to all rules, is violating the constitution, breaking the law, and even systematically purging all those who are close to the conservative movement. This is not limited to the purge of judges, they are also doing it in the public media, preventing journalists from accessing their places of work,” wrote Bay.

He points out that “the European Commission is pretending this is not happening” because Donald Tusk is the political partner of Ursula von der Leyen and Emmanuel Macron. 

“I believe that you need to tell the truth about what is happening in Poland, and make sure that those who have been lecturing you about the rule of law for years are obliged to answer for what they are doing today, because they are using gangsters methods one associates with dictatorships,” concluded the French MEP.

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