Polish state TV’s ‘apology’ to the LGBT community was virtue-signaling to the extreme

Bart Staszewski, an LGBT activist, holds up a sign he used to protest anti-LGBT laws, in Warsaw, Poland, Jan. 24, 2020. (AP Photo/ Przemysław Stefaniak)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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One of the most objectionable features associated with woke culture is the insincere and opportunistic apologizing to various groups of self-appointed victims of oppression. It is done for show and is a form of exhibitionism and exaltation through the worship of alleged victims of various social injustices. 

It has become a ritual and a way of scoring “brownie points” for being on the so-called “right side of history.” It is the politics of gesture and does nothing to address any real discrimination or injustice.

This madness has arrived in Poland, as evidenced by the sight of a TVP Info journalist Wojciech Szeląg inviting two prominent LGBT activists, Bartosz Staszewski and Maja Heban, and beginning his interview with them by apologizing for the fact that over the last few years, TVP was hostile towards and critical of the LGBT community.

However, activists such as Staszewski were never criticized for their sexual orientation, but for the way they acted in promotion of the LGBT movement. 

Staszewski is a classic example here. He lied about there being “LGBT-free zones” in Poland and “outed” former Foreign Ministry spokesman Łukasz Jasina against the latter’s will. Did that not deserve to be criticized? 

TVP and Polish conservatives have never said that LGBT people are not people. They merely argued that LGBT has become an ideology for its activists, and that is simply a statement of fact. 

This is why for a journalist to apologize in the name of the whole public to people like this was totally uncalled for. If the journalist wanted to apologize to them, he should have done it in private in his own name. As it was, the action was ideological and hypocritical at the very same time. 

Staszewski of course did not apologize for his campaign of disinformation against Poland, and he never will.

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