58% of Poles back the central airport project despite opposition from PM Tusk

Poland’s Central Communication Port (CPK) visualization. (Source: gov.pl)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Fifty-eight percent of Polish voters support the continuation of the Central Communication Port and transport hub project outside Warsaw, according to a poll taken by the IBRiS agency for the Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper.

In addition, a large proportion of voters who supported the centrist Third Way alliance are also in favor. 

Only 23 percent declared themselves to be opposed to the project, and 19 percent remained undecided on the matter.

Supporters include 76 percent of PiS voters and 85 percent of Third Way voters. However, among the liberal Civic Coalition voters, 44 percent were against and only 31 percent in favor. 

The project is to be located between Warsaw and Łódz and is to integrate rail and road networks with one large airport. The previous PiS government began the project arguing that it would bring economic and strategic benefits for Poland, increasing both human traffic and trade, as well as providing a facility that could be used in the event of armed conflict to rapidly transfer forces. 

The current Prime Minister Donald Tusk has openly criticized plans for the airport and transport hub, arguing that Poland needs to develop its regional airports rather than engage in what he considers to be an expensive project.

However, during a meeting of the Cabinet Council with President Andrzej Duda, the government adopted a more nuanced position and declared that it is open to the project. 

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