The EU’s asylum reform amounts to political suicide

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic gestures with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at Castille Square in Valletta, Malta, Friday, Sept. 29, 2023. (AP Photo/Rene Rossignaud)
By Dénes Albert
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If it is possible to commit political suicide, that is what the European Union is doing. Because what is it that Europe’s liberal elite wants? To transform the continent into a European superstate, abolishing nation states, drastically changing the ethnic composition of each country with illegal migrants, and bringing the diluted societies under the central control of Brussels.

The governments thus condemned to the role of lackeys would have at most the power of a district council, deciding on one-way streets, perhaps painting bike lanes on the road, and overseeing garbage collection and the designation of dog-walking areas. All important issues would be decided in Brussels.

The EU plan is being implemented at full speed by Brussels to force the crazy idea down the throats of member states.

The EU ambassadors in Brussels recently approved the regulation on migrant quotas by a majority vote. Prior to this, in June, a proposal to resettle an unlimited number of illegal migrants from Western Europe to other countries, specifically Eastern Europe, including Hungary, without consulting the countries concerned, was also adopted by a majority vote at the ministerial level.

Without going into further detail, the idea is to bypass the European Council of Heads of State and Government, the supreme decision-making body of the member states, where any proposal can only be adopted by consensus, and make the obligation to admit illegal migrants law.

Despite all the subtlety, this will not be easy, and in practice, it will be totally unworkable, even if the Eurocrats in Brussels do their utmost to achieve their plan to flood Europe with foreigners in time for next spring’s European Parliament elections.

Hungary and Poland have already announced that they will not implement the EU’s mandatory resettlement quota. In a recent EU ambassadors’ vote, the two countries voted against the plan, while three others abstained: Slovakia, where anti-immigration Robert Fico is likely to become prime minister; Austria; and the Czech Republic, which is reeling under public pressure to stop illegal immigration – abstained. However, if the situation escalates, there will be other Western countries that will, if nothing else, want to find a way to escape the burden of responsibility, especially before a national election.

And then Brussels will have a choice: to either formally retain the current demographic structure, which will have become dysfunctional, or to rethink the entire way the EU works. Attempts to impose the latter would lead to political anarchy in Europe.

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