French woman convicted after falsely claiming White male raped her, DNA evidence proved it was an illegal African migrant

An African male caught up in a allegation of rape found by a French court to be false risks deportation from France

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Denes Albert

A 23-year-old French woman has been convicted to three months in prison and received a €500 fine for after falsely claiming a White male raped her on Dec. 3, when in fact it was later determined that it was in fact an illegal African immigrant who she had sex with.

At the time, the young woman went to the police station in the northwestern French city of Quimper and filed a complaint for rape, claiming the attack took place the day before in the middle of the afternoon, in the toilets of the local railway station.

Quimper train station in France. (Matthieu Gain)

It is reported by the news outlet the alleged victim had been on a date set up through an online dating app. It is understood she had sexual intercourse with the male, and the alleged victim told the male to stop during sex as it had become too rough.

The alleged victim later told authorities her attacker had been wearing a black anti-Covid mask. 

The woman accused a White male of being the perpetrator, however DNA analysis uncovered by authorities on the victim’s underwear showed traces originating from an African male known to police who was subject to an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF).

It is claimed by the prosecution the alleged victim had been on a date with the African male and had engaged in consensual sex with the man, but subsequently felt ashamed of what she had done and decided to frame a White male for rape.

The defense lawyer for the woman stated that while the sexual act was initially consensual, it became “violent” even if it was not outright rape.

“This sexual act was violent and Madame did not dare to explain what had happened. She was ashamed and made up this rape story. Subsequently, she was caught in the trap of her own statements,” said the defense lawyer.

The African male, who was arrested and is currently in the Brest detention center, now risks being deported.

The prosecution’s demands were met by the judge in the case, resulting in a three months’ suspended prison sentence for the unidentified woman in the case, a fine of €500, and the completion of a citizenship values course.

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