Macron’s presidency has been a ‘social, migratory and security failure,’ claims conservative MEP

French conservative politician Brice Hortefeux. (Youtube)
By Dénes Albert
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Should the French re-elect President Emmanuel Macron, the country would slip out the world’s ten most powerful countries, conservative politician Brice Hortefeux has claimed.

“The reality, as it is, is the failure of Emmanuel Macron,” Hortefeux told political talk shows on Europe 1 and CNews.

“It is a social failure — I remind you of the Yellow Vests who are not gone, and a single match could restart them; it is a migratory failure — throughout its history, our country has never received so many migrants on its territory; it is a security failure, because we now know that thefts have increased, violence has increased by 18 percent, clashes have increased by 60 percent.”

Hortefeux, a former French interior minister under Nicolas Sarkozy and a current MEP, revealed that the country had also suffered an economic policy failure with its debt reaching €700 billion, and an educational failure with an illiteracy rate of 10 percent among the young which is reflected in low employment figures among them.

“I could go on about the failures but I’d rather jump to the conclusion, which is that there must be a change and that change is Valérie Pécresse,” Hortefeux told viewers. Pécresse, 54, is the main conservative challenger to Macron in the forthcoming presidential election.

After speaking about the French economy’s poor showing, Hortefeux warned: “I say this with great gravity that with this same policy and with these same teams I tell you firmly that in the coming ten years France will be expelled from the top ten global powers.”

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