Germany: 2nd migrant arrested for gang rape in Berlin’s Görlitzer Park after police hid details of the case for a month

By John Cody
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A second arrest has been made in connection with the now infamous gang rape in Görlitzer Park in Berlin’s multicultural Kreuzberg neighborhood on Sunday evening.

The case has drawn widespread attention due to police keeping the incident out of the news despite the perpetrators being on the loose since June 21. Welt newspaper finally revealed that a woman was raped nearly a month after the incident, with critics saying the police hid the case because the perpetrators were believed to be foreigners, a fact that now can be confirmed; one of the suspects, arrested Thursday, is from Somalia, and now a second arrest has been made of a 22-year-old man from Guinea-Bissau.

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Berliner Zeitung has reported on the second arrest, noting that the African suspect was near the scene of the rape and is now in custody.

According to a police source who leaked the details of the case, a 27-year-old woman was gang-raped on June 21 in the early morning. The perpetrators held down the victim’s boyfriend while the men raped her. After the incident, the Berlin police did not release any details or descriptions of the Black male attackers.

A park full of migrant drug dealers

Görlitzer Park has long been the subject of contention in Berlin, as the popular park is filled with African drug dealers who operate from one end of the park to the other. The park has been the scene of violence, needles on playgrounds, and numerous sexual assaults.

Even the petting zoo at the park has not been safe. In 2017, a Syrian migrant raped a pony there in front of children.

“My babysitter was out with our son in Görlitzer Park. They witnessed the man sexually assault the pony,” one woman told Berliner Morgenpost at the time. The babysitter took a photo of the man as he raped the pony and provided it to police. The migrant was banned from the petting zoo in response, but it is unclear if he was ever charged by police.

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So far, this year, there have already been eight rapes just in the one park, as well as sexual assaults and sexual harassment. Five of these rapes occurred in June alone. The park has been a hotbed for leftist support, who have defended the drug dealers, called claims to control their operations a form of racism, and pushed to legalize their presence in the park. The drug dealers have been informally tolerated by the police for years, who rarely control their open-air drug dealing.

As Remix News previously reported, nearly 300 gang rapes have been recorded in Berlin since 2020, and more than half were committed by foreigners.

The Berlin authorities are also accused of concealing another series of gang rapes at the popular Schlachtensee location, a lake in southwest Berlin, in which there were three victims, including a 14-year-old girl in early June. The same police task force charged with investigating those crimes is also investigating the gang rape in Görlitzer Park.

According to the public prosecutor, the four suspects are between 14 and 19 and have been identified but remain on the run. So far, the police and the public prosecutor’s office have refused to provide details on the suspects’ nationality and migration background. 

Due to the widespread role of migrants regarding sexual assaults, details of such cases have been hidden in the past, including the infamous New Year’s mass rape of 2016, which saw thousands of German women sexually assaulted across the country, with the majority of cases taking place in Cologne.

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