‘God is queer!’ – German Lutheran pastor slammed for ‘blasphemy’ during woke mass sermon

Quinton Caesar delivering his woke sermon to a 20,000-strong crowd at the German Evangelical Church Congress in Nuremberg on Sunday.
By Thomas Brooke
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A prominent Lutheran pastor in Germany told attendees of the German Protestant Church Congress on Sunday that “God is queer,” and warned them that they are the “Last Generation,” in reference to the radical environmental group.

In the final sermon of the event in Nuremberg, Quinton Ceasar used the opportunity to reel off a number of radical left ideological statements regarding mass migration, the promotion of LGBT policies, and the defense of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In front of a crowd of 20,000 people, the preacher said, “We are all the Last Generation. Now is the time to say Black lives always matter. Now is the time to say that God is queer.”

In reference to the ongoing migration crisis at Europe’s borders, the pastor called for greater assistance for economic migrants heading to the continent in small boats, primarily across the Mediterranean.

“We leave no one to die. We send a ship (to refugees) and much more. We welcome people with safe harbor,” he told the crowd.

He called for “safe spaces for all” and urged people of “privilege” to use this “for more justice,” saying, “We can be allies for each other. We are here. There are also many of us, and we’ll never be quiet again.”

The conflation of LGBT ideology with a longstanding religion that for centuries has opposed homosexuality sparked outrage among conservative commentators and members of the public alike.

Jürgen Braun, an MP for the rising Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, called the pastor a “sad, stupid joke” and lamented the demise of the religious institution Caesar is associated with. He said the pastor’s “God is queer” remark “used to simply be called blasphemy.”

During the interview, the interviewer opened by stating: “Almost 5 million members have turned their backs on the Protestant Church in the last 20 years and the number is growing every day. In addition to the exaggerated rainbow and LGBTQ propaganda, the church has recently openly expressed solidarity with the radical climate stickers of the Last Generation.” She then asked Braun what is behind the development.

Braun accused the Protestants of being “un-Christian,” and claimed that “Christianity is typically pushed into the background” in favor of “substitute religious cult acts, climate mania, worship of certain other forms of life outside of marriage.”

He added that the Protestant Church has had a long history of sympathy for radical politics.

For decades, parts of the Protestant Church have had sympathies for radical left-wing violent criminals. For many decades, the Baader-Meinhof group (of the Red Army Faction terror faction) has been played down. As early as the 1970s, sympathies for terrorists were nurtured in the rooms of the Protestant student community. It’s an unholy tradition that continues here. Just as the German Christians in the Third Reich played down or supported the rule of National Socialism. Similarly, today it is about supporting the ideology, the dangerous green-left ideology of the Green Party, instead of spreading the Christian faith.

Others took to social media to express their outrage at the statements.

“This church convention was the best, no, the very best advertisement to leave the church NOW at the latest. It’s unbelievable what rubbish they spout,” wrote one user.

Dr. David Berger, a German theologian, author and gay activist, was equally scathing. “Having long since become godless, they no longer have any problems with such blasphemous statements,” he tweeted.

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Julian Reichelt, the former chairman of the editors-in-chief and editor-in-chief digital of Bild, Germany’s largest tabloid newspaper, wrote: “Now is the time to cling to the liberating love of Jesus.”

The Lutheran Church has recently delved further into the realm of left-wing politics, embracing woke issues and full-on campaigning on mass migration. The institution has financed the operations of NGO humanitarian vessels located in the Mediterranean, taxiing economic migrants to Europe.

Its political folly has come at a price, however, with a mass exodus of members recorded in recent times. Last year alone, its membership was down by over 400,000 as members voted with their feet to express their disillusionment with the institution’s trajectory.

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