Majority of Germans believe Muslim migration a ‘security risk’

Refugees wait at the train station after police stopped their train for registration in Freilassing, Germany, Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015. (AP Photo/Kerstin Joensson)
By Dénes Albert
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Almost three-quarters of Germans consider immigration from Islamic countries to be a high security risk, according to an Insa poll commissioned by Bild newspaper.

The poll found that 71.1 percent of respondents believe immigrants from countries with a strong Islamic influence pose a “security risk for Germany.” On the contrary, only 9.1 percent answered in the negative. Another 19.8 percent gave no answer.

The poll also shows that 57.7 percent of Germans say they are convinced there are “many” Muslims in Germany who support terror against Israel, while 18.1 percent reject this assertion. Another 24.2 percent did not provide an answer.

Pro-Palestinian marches, which have dissolved into violence in some German cities, have made headlines across the country in recent days.

The poll also found that 62.5 percent of Germans believe those who have cheered Hamas should be “punished,” although it is unclear what kind of punishment this would entail. Another 20.2 percent reject any punishment, while 17.3 percent have no opinion.

Only German supporters of the Green Party saw a majority of voters reject the assertion that immigrants from Muslim countries present a security risk.

Over the last year, polling shows that Germans are increasingly opposed to mass immigration. A poll released earlier this month showed that 64 percent of Germans want fewer immigrants ,while the same number say immigrants bring more disadvantages than advantages. In turn, Germany’s anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has surged in the polls, rising to a record of 23 percent.

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