Budapest museum wins world's best public building award

After having already won the award for best European public building, Budapest's planned new ethnography museum has also won this year's "World's Best Architecture" award at the London-based International Property Awards.

The award at the London ceremony was accepted by Benedek Gyorgyevics, CEO of Városliget Kft., the main contractor of the Liget Budapest Project.

The Liget project is Hungary's most ambitious urban architectural project since 1990. It consists of the complete overhaul of the Liget city park, its existing museums, bath, zoo and other landmark buildings, as well as the construction of three new museums, a theater and a restoration and storage center serving all the museums.

Gyorgyevics said the Museum of Ethnography was automatically shortlisted for the award after having previously won the best European public building award.

"This is a victory of historic proportions for Hungary, especially because the jury consisting of 80 experts from around the world chose a state investment," Gyorgyevics said. "The award draws attention not only to the excellent performance of Hungarian architecture but also to Hungarian innovation and culture in a more general sense."

Title image: architects' concept of the Museum of Ethnography, Budapest (photo: developer website)

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