Hungarian government asks parliament to extend emergency rule over COVID-19 crisis

The Hungarian government wants to extend emergency rule to Jan. 1, 2022, in light of the worsening coronavirus crisis

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The Hungarian government is initiating an extension of the emergency due to the epidemic by putting it to a vote in parliament, the Government Information Center (KTK) reported on Tuesday.

“In order to further effective control of the epidemic and rapid response, the government will initiate the extension of the law on control of the epidemic at the National Assembly until Jan. 1, 2022,” the statement read. The decision was made at the government meeting on Tuesday.

The proposal to extend the emergency will be submitted to the parliament soon, so it will be among the first items on the agenda once the autumn session begins, they added.

The extension of the law is necessary because the pandemic continues, and due to the spread of the delta virus mutation, the number of infected people is increasing throughout Europe and Hungary.

The deteriorating situation necessitates control of the epidemic and the government’s ability to respond rapidly — all the more so because the past year and a half has proven that the extraordinary and transitional legal frameworks previously adopted have served the fight against the epidemic well, the government asserted.

The KTK reminded that the National Assembly last extended the scope of the law in May until the 15th day after the first day of the autumn parliamentary session.

“Under an amendment to the law before parliament, the anti-coronavirus law will be extended again until Jan. 1. If the epidemic situation allows, the government will initiate the elimination of the emergency situation before the law expires,” reads the statement from the Government Information Center.

On Sept. 13, Hungary registered 873 new coronavirus cases, the highest number since mid-May.

Title image: Plenary session of the Hungarian Parlaiment. (MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry)

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