Hungarian satire party wants union with Cayman Islands

The party targets a 107-percent victory at next spring’s elections

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Mandiner
Gergely Kovács, head of the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party. (Mandiner/Dávid Mátrai)

True to its roots, Gergely Kovács, the leader of Hungary’s Two-Tailed Dog satire party, says they are running on a ticket of unifying Hungary with the Cayman Islands should they win the general elections scheduled for next spring.

Asked about what he deems to have been last year’s most important domestic policy development, Kovács said it was the fact that it transpired that Csaba Tóth, leader of the opposition Socialist Party, “is not a horse.”

As to what the expects from next year’s elections, Kovács said his main expectation was that the elections will actually take place.

“We are slightly worried of the responsibility should we win the elections with four-thirds (of parliamentary seats), so personally I would be happier with a 107 percent result,” Kovács said.

As for their agenda: Kovács said his party is aiming for election victory in Cyprus, the Cayman Islands and Ganymede.

“Following that, we would like to unite the Cayman Islands with Hungary. It is very annoying that I have to take all those long business trips.”

The Two-Tailed Dog party was established in the south Hungarian town of Szeged in 2014 by a group of young intellectuals, and at that year’s elections, they promised eternal life and free beer for everyone. At the 2018 elections, they won 1.75 percent of the votes, well below the parliamentary threshold of 5 percent.

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