Hungary gears up to raise defense readiness level

Leopard 2 main battle tank of the Hungarian Armed Forces. (Youtube)
By Dénes Albert
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Hungarian Defense Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovinczky on Wednesday instructed the high command of the Hungarian Armed Forces to be ready to increase the country’s defense alert level.

Announcing the news via a video published on his social media channels, Szalay-Bobrovinczky said the country was now “facing unprecedented security challenges, such as the unrelenting war in our immediate neighborhood and violent illegal migrants besieging our southern borders.

“Everyone across Europe is reacting to these. The United Kingdom has announced the mobilization of its forces, Slovakia has ordered a state of emergency, and Poland is also increasing readiness. We also need to arm ourselves,” Szalay-Bobrovniczky said.

Hungarian Defense Minister Kristóf Szalay-Boborvniczky.

“In order to protect our peace, today I instructed the Commander of the National Defense to prepare to increase the readiness of the armed forces.”

He added that “this means that in the coming weeks and months, our soldiers will practice more, more intensively, and in larger groups in several parts of the country. Training is speeding up and more reservists are being called up. We do all this to protect our families and homes.”

“The defense of Hungary is the task of the Hungarian Defense Forces. A modern Defense Force that responds immediately and effectively to challenges ensures that our days are calm and our nights are peaceful,” he added.

The Hungarian Armed Forces, an all-professional force, have 37,650 personnel on active duty and 20,000 reservists. Hungary ended conscription in 2004.

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