Hungary has second-lowest wages in the EU

Luxembourg, Denmark, and Ireland lead the income list

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Mercedes factory in Kecskemét, central Hungary. (MTI/Sándor Ujvári)

Bulgaria is the only country in the European Union with lower wages than Hungary, according to the latest Eurostat survey.

The EU’s statistical office has published a new calculation method for average EU earnings in 2021. The calculation takes into account not only the salaries of people in full-time employment but also those working part-time.

The result was an average annual gross earnings in the EU of €33,500, while Hungary was well below this figure, with an average salary of €12,600. The data almost exactly matches the figures recently published by Hungary’s tax and customs authority NAV for last year’s earnings.

According to the statistics, only Bulgaria (€10,300), had a lower average salary than Hungary. Romania (€13,000) did slightly better than Hungary, as did the other countries in the region, while Austria was the only Central European country with wages above the EU average. People earned the most in Luxembourg (€72,200), Denmark (€63,300), and Ireland (€50,300). 

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