Hungary showcases domestic weapon prototypes

Hungary features six weapons, ranging from an automatic pistol to a grenade launcher

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author: Balázs Trautmann

Hungary has resumed the development of tactical small arms, government commissioner responsible for defense developments, Gáspár Maróth, announced at the International Aviation Day and military technology demonstration in Kecskemét in central Hungary

The government commissioner said that a year and a half ago a Hungarian engineering team was entrusted with the task, the first prototypes of which will be tested by the Hungarian Armed Forces under the agreement.

Brigadier-General Ruszin-Szendi Romolusz, commander of the Hungarian Armed Forces, emphasized that the prototypes are more than promising and embody innovations that are key to propelling domestic handgun production into the 21st century.

Ruszin-Szendi said that experienced soldiers of the Hungarian Armed Forces are constantly sending feedback to the factory, and if the weapons work as expected based on the experience of the soldiers, the Hungarian Armed Forces will have Hungarian weapons.

Gábor Bozó, CEO of Gestamen Kutatás Fejlesztés Zrt., said that the Hungarian-developed handgun family has six members, from the pistol to the machine gun. All-Hungarian weapons will have developments that have also been patented in Hungary.

The weapons under development are a nine-millimeter automatic pistol, a submachine gun, a carbine, a light machine gun, a sniper rifle and a 40-mm grenade launcher. The weapons displayed at the Kecskemét Air Show, which itself resumed after an eight-year hiatus, have the western standard Picatinny rails for mounting accessories.

Hungary is currently producing small arms — pistols and submachine guns — under license from Česká zbrojovka, well-known for their CZ firearms.

Title image: Locally developed small arms at the Kecskemét Air Show. (MTI)

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