Hungary sues Austria for restricting border crossing

Hungary is exploring all legal means to reopen the border crossing

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Nemzet
The Schattendorf border crossing from Hungary to Austria. (Kisalföld/Károly Szalay)

Hungarian lawyers have launched multiple legal cases against an Austrian decision to close the border crossing between the villages of Ágfalva on the Hungarian side and Schattendorf on the Austrian side. As of July 1, those wishing to cross there have to pay €160, with an automated system checking entry stickers and raising barriers for unauthorized vehicles.

The Austrian village is the most direct route for many Hungarian working or shopping in Austria, but after locals complained of increased traffic and more accidents due to the large number of Hungarian cars, the local mayor introduced the entry fee, which is valid for two years and the better part of which can be used to shop locally.

After the introduction of the entry fee, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó asked Austrian Minister for EU Affairs Karoline Edtstadler to remove the obstacle to free travel, saying that “I think it is clear that not only are we right, but European rules also dictate that these border crossings must be opened up.”

Since his intervention was unsuccessful, Hungarian lawyers have applied to the Austrian Constitutional Court for a review, complained to the European Commission, lodged a complaint with OLAF and even filed a compensation claim over the situation between Ágfalva and Somfalva, news channel HírTV reports.

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