Hungary welcomes European Parliament’s decision to allow nuclear and gas energy

Hungary's Paks nulcear plant. (MTVA/Csaba Jászai)
By Dénes Albert
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The European Parliament rejected on Wednesday a proposal to exclude nuclear and gas energy from being classified as compatible with the EU’s green agenda.

Commenting on the vote, a group of MEPs from Hungary’s conservative governing party Fidesz said the decision will allow the country to maintain a steady energy supply and keep prices low.

“Without nuclear energy and natural gas, the Union would be much more vulnerable to crises like the one we are experiencing now,” the MEPs said in a joint statement. “In addition, the green transition would not be possible either, since renewable energy sources alone are not yet sufficient to meet the already increased energy demands and to keep overhead costs low.

“Europe is in an energy crisis, so we must say a firm no to any irresponsible proposal that aggravates the situation. With its objection, the left attacked utility price reductions and climate protection. On the other hand, thanks to the firm stance of the Fidesz representatives, we were able to successfully repel the attempt,” they added.

The vote in question was a proposed amendment to the so-called taxonomy regulation, i.e., the enumeration of energy investments to which the European Commission would provide resources for sustainable growth to help green investments.

In the final vote, 328 MEPs rejected the amendment, 278 were for it and 33 abstained. If neither the European Parliament nor the European Council objects to the vote by July 11, the taxonomy regulation will become effective on Jan. 1, 2023.

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