LIBE fact-finding mission came to Hungary with pre-determined verdict

Hungarian delegation meets the European Parliament's LIBE Committee mission in Budapest on September 30. (source: Facebook)
By Dénes Albert
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The fact-finding mission of the European Parliament’s LIBE (Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs) committee to Hungary had no intention of finding anything, Justice Minister Judit Varga said.

The committee arrived in Budapest with a pre-written judgment, Varga said, adding that what is happening in Brussels in connection with Hungary is part of the Hungarian election campaign.

“We’ve had a European, polite but very determined conversation,” Varga said after meeting the LIBE committee in Budapest.

This committee launched an attack on Hungary during the summer, after the adoption of the Hungarian Child Protection Act, and its members have now visited the capital on a similar matter. This time, they are investigating the rule of law and want to discuss the Article 7 procedure, which was launched much earlier.

Varga said it was made clear at the beginning of the talks with the committee that Hungary is an independent European Union state over which such a committee has no control.

Several topics were raised during the discussion. With regard to Article 7, the minister of justice has said that, in fact, the European Parliament has nothing to do with this, as it is a matter for the Council of Europe, although it is clear that the EP is constantly trying to put pressure on this.

Varga also reminded members of the committee that debates on the rule of law are disputes over values and the Article 7 procedure was initiated by pro-migration left-wing political forces years ago, so it has nothing to do with issues that have now arisen. Speaking of this, the minister added that she had made it clear to the committee that Hungary would not allow itself to be forced into an immigration policy that was not suitable for it.

The issue of the Child Protection Act also came up during the meeting. Varga said Hungary will not allow LGBTQ propaganda into schools under any external pressure. The Hungarian law is not contrary to the EU legal system; the law adopted in the summer is in line with it, as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Union states that raising a child is the responsibility of the parent.

Varga said no substantial progress has been made regarding the Child Protection Act; the whole thing was nothing more than a “polite chat over a cup of good coffee.”

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