Migrants attack Hungarian border police

Migrants throw bricks at police, national security experts warn that violence may rise further

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Nemzet

Migrants attempting to enter Hungary illegally from Serbia threw bricks at border police on Wednesday evening, and police responded with tear gas projectiles, repelling them, daily Magyar Nemzet writes.

National Security Advisor József Horváth told the paper that as bad weather approaches and the number of Afghan migrants attempting to enter the European Union rises, the number of violent incidents is likely to increase.

“The latest attack also indicates that illegal migrants, who want to break into Hungary at all costs, are becoming more violent. At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that such an attack, i.e. throwing objects at police officers and soldiers in the territory of another country, is a test of people smugglers, thus testing Hungarian border protection,” Horváth said.

He added that illegal migrants who run out of money are becoming more and more frustrated because they cannot afford to pay the fees of the people smugglers who would bring them to Hungary on the established routes, on the green border. Therefore, they run up to the border ten or fifteen times on their own initiative, but they always bounce back, so the tension in them is increasing. Horváth expects that the number of people who will want to cross the border by force may increase in the near future.

“This is to be expected when the bad weather approaches, because before the autumn rains or the onset of winter, migrants want to cross the border at all costs in order to enter the European Union. On the other hand, it is also expected when the Taliban is set to occupy most of the country in Afghanistan,” the expert said.

“Due to the situation there, a wave of refugees can also be predicted, and in addition, men who have a significant fighting routine will reach the Hungarian state border. And they can only imagine solving the problems by force, Horváth said.

Title image: Barbed wire fence on the Serbian-Hungarian border.

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