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The Taliban’s Islamic order is already faltering as a lack of foreign aid blows hole in national budget

A year after seizing Afghanistan, the Taliban confirmed that it has not changed much. It continues to provide asylum to terrorists, deprive women of the right to education, and implement its vision of an Islamic government. By draconian enforcement of discipline, it is also trying to consolidate revenues and thus lift the collapsing economy. At […]
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2 YEARS AGOAfghanistan Islamic State Terrorist attack United States News

Following Biden’s failure in Afghanistan, Pentagon reports Afghan Islamic State branch could attack US in 6 months

Although the Taliban is determined to go after ISIS-K, there are doubts it could take effective action, which means the US could be in the crosshairs of terrorists in just a matter of six months, according to the Pentagon

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2 YEARS AGOAfghanistan isolationism Kabul Airport Traditional Values US News Poland

Traditional America with its patriotic values is long gone, says Polish professor and politician

“Today, American society is much more polarized, differentiated, atomized, and in huge cities, jaded. Even American elites are people with completely different approaches to life than 20 or 30 years ago, when traditional American values were still alive.”

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Afghanistan Aslyum Seekers Crime Statistics EU Netherlands Protests Ylva Johansson Afghanistan News
2 YEARS AGOAfghanistan Aslyum Seekers Crime Statistics EU Netherlands Protests Ylva Johansson Afghanistan News

Netherlands: Citizens protest after liberal government transports 800 Afghans into small village

Outraged residents of a small village in the Netherlands held a major protest last week to voice their opposition to the sudden and unexpected arrival of hundreds of Afghans

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