What are Czech Soldiers in Afghanistan dying for?

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The army is supposed to protect its own country. This is the task the Czech army is not capable of and its priority should change. Meanwhile, Turkey has almost the largest army in NATO but at the same time you will not find a single Turkish soldier in Afghanistan.

The deaths of Czech soldiers in foreign countries is possible but it should have some clear reason and purpose. The writer apologizes for not seeing such a reason.

Afghanistan is thousands of miles away and two of the world’s largest armies have failed there over the last forty years, both Russian and American. They captured the capital of Kabul and put a new loyal president in power, however, they didn´t succeed in putting the country under control. There is no majority in Afghan society waiting to be deprived of tyranny and to begin to democratically govern itself according to our ideas.

Afghans see the world differently to what we do. People suffer from war and violence but they perceive US and Russian soldiers as occupiers and they are trying to kill and expel them. After seventeen years, the mission failed and the political and military situation returns to where it was – the Taliban controls much of the country.

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