The Czech Republic to reject U.N. Global Migration Agreement

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The idea of the Global Migration Agreement that the right to migration should be a fundamental human right raises criticism. According to candidate for Foreign Minister Miroslav Poche the Czech Republic will follow Hungary and reject the Pact.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš is very reluctant when it comes to migration. The concern about the Agreement was, however, expressed also by other political parties – for example by conservatives from ODS, Communists or populists from SPD (party of Tomio Okamura). Only the Pirates and TOP 09 have supported the Pact so far.

“I think the formulation (about migration as a fundamental human right) is potentially very risky and we cannot accept that. Not even if this declaration is legally non-binding and unenforceable. Because it sets a certain atmosphere, a certain way of thinking about migration in general,“ MEP Jan Zahradil said.

A document that rejects the pact could be prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the end of August.

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