VIDEO: Five illegal Afghan migrants detained at Polish-Czech border

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The Silesian Border Guard unit detained five Afghani citizens who illegally crossed the border from Czechia to Poland. They were detained in Chałupki, Raciborz region. On April 7, the driver of a Bulgarian truck stopped by a Polish Border Guard patrol after he became worried by sounds coming from the truck’s semi-trailer. The officers were conducting sanitary controls in the area of the former Nowe Chałupki-Bohumin border crossing.

The driver, who was a Bulgarian citizen, opened the semi-trailer’s doors in presence of the officers where they found five people were hidden on steel beams inside.

The foreigners did not possess documents which entitled them to stay in Poland, and they indicated that they came from Afghanistan. The officers detained all five people and medical examination revealed that two of them were underage.

During the investigation, the officers were able to determine the foreigners’ Afghan citizenships and their personal data. All of them filed for international protection in Romania’s territory.

The whole operation of detaining the migrants can be viewed in the video below.

13 foreign ‘married couples’ were meant to meet in Kraków

The Border Guard in Kraków has also airport refused entry to Poland to 13 foreigners from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh who arrived to meet with their “spouses” with Romanian, Bulgarian and Latvian citizenships at Wawel Castle.

All of the “tourists” had marriage certificates issued in Cyprus, reported Polsat News. At the John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport, they assured that they had come for sightseeing in Kraków despite hotels being closed due to lockdown restrictions. The 13 foreigners were aged between 24 and 38. During border control, they presented passports, residence permissions for family members of European Union citizens and Cyprus marriage certificates.

Due to doubts concerning the conditions of the foreigners’ entry and residence in Polish territory, each of them was refused entry.

Title image: Illegal migrants from Afghanistan detained on Polish-Czech border, source: Polish Border Guard.

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