There is no alternative to NATO, we will not recall soldiers

Even after the deaths of three Czech soldiers in Afghanistan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Hamáček disapproves of terminating or even suspending Czech participation in NATO missions.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Despite the deaths of three Czech soldiers in Afghanistan recently, Jan Hamáček still believes NATO guarantees our safety. Therefore, participation in the missions plays a crucial role when it comes to the security of Europe as a whole.

“The authorization of our soldiers must be approved and it is valid for the next two years up to 2020. I don’t see any reason for changing that procedure. This given authorization was approved by the vast majority of the Chamber of Deputies,” Hamáček said in response to the issue of suspending foreign missions.

The minister further adds that our position within NATO should not be affected in any way by the opinions of politicians regarding the suspension of the missions.

In the first place, Hamáček would like to act in his authority in order to ensure that the Czech Republic remains one of the safest countries in the world. This goal is also connected with maintaining the numbers of personnel in security forces, and he thus wants to raise wages of police officers and firefighters.


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