President Zeman will not attend 100th anniversary celebrations of Czechoslovakia in Chicago

The Czechs are preparing celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia in Chicago. The only problem is no leading Czech politician has agreed to attend.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The highlight of the American celebrations of the founding of Czechoslovakia will take place at the end of September. It was expected that president Milos Zeman will attend but it now seems that it is not going to happen.

Reports suggest that Zeman gave priority to two other trips at the same time – to Germany and Israel. The report also pointed out that the Mayor of Chicago and former Obama’s head of staff at the White House, Rahm Emanuel was not too excited about Zeman’s visit.

There is also uncertainty over the possibility that Andrej Babiš would arrive in Chicago. Celebrations in the US are to be held just before the communal and senate elections, when the campaign culminates.


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