Orbán is Europe’s ‘last Mohican’

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán is the last European leader with the courage to tell the truth, writes Romanian publicist Adrian Onciu

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Opozitia

It was a “mind-boggling,” “Putinist,” “pro-Russian” speech. At least that’s how the mainstream media characterized Viktor Orbán’s latest message on the war in Ukraine.

For Orbán to point out the naked truth and be accused of “hallucinating,” this is what it has come to after years of countless lies being thrown around.

Hungary’s prime minister has unfortunately remained Europe’s last Mohican — the last politician able to speak his mind openly without fear of being lynched by the mob of globalist left-wing admirers. He is also the last leader to whom “free” Europeans can still relate. He is, if you like, the political equivalent of Novak Djokovic.

Without more leaders like Orbán, conservative Europe stands little chance. I say this in the strongest possible terms.

Here is a transcript of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s most recent public speech.

“Anyone who supplies arms is in the war. Anyone who trains the soldiers of one of the warring parties is involved up to their knees. Anyone who not only trains soldiers individually but also gives them operational training, that is to say, management training, is involved up to their ankles in the war. And if, over and above one of the belligerents, it now fully finances not only military expenditures but also the operation of the state, as the European Union is now doing to the tune of €18 billion, it is in the war up to its eyeballs. I very much hope that Europe does not get itself neck-deep into this war.”

Simple, common-sense truths, visible from outer space. And yet Romanians and Europeans are told, directly to their faces, that Orbán’s words are mere “hallucinations.” In fact, Orbán is an “authoritarian,” “pro-Russian” leader, a close friend of the butcher Putin. The fact that the Hungarians support him can only be a big mistake on the part of our neighbors.

Viktor Orbán has to lead a relatively small EU country — a country dependent on the financial system run from Davos, and a country that could be put in a bind by sanctions that are insignificant compared to those imposed on Russia.

Yet, Orbán had the political intelligence to avoid economic disaster while keeping the flame of freedom and sovereignty alive in an increasingly Sovietized European Union. It is a union now more corrupt, more bureaucratic, and more inclined to an authoritarianism of the type Ursula von der Leyen herself accuses Orbán of.

Of course, there is detestable authoritarianism and respectable authoritarianism, at least in the eyes of the EU. It is a matter of nuance. While we detest the enemies of globalism in Davos, we must respect Schwab’s friends in the WEF.

Without truth, there is no justice and no freedom, and the fact that “truths” are now being called “hallucinations” is the strongest signal yet that democracy is in a coma, lying on its deathbed.

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