Slovak PM and Orbán bury hatchet on football scarf issue

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger at the V4 summit in Kosice, Slovakia. (Facebook)
By Dénes Albert
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Greater common concerns of the Visegrád Four have led Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Slovak counterpart, Eduard Heger, to bury the hatchet over the controversy caused by Orbán wearing a football scarf depicting a map of Greater Hungary.

As Remix News previously reported, five of Hungary’s seven neighbors condemned Orbán’s gesture earlier this week with various levels of anger. However, as the prime ministers of the Visegrád Four (V4) met in Slovakia on Thursday to discuss a range of thorny issues over which they have latley disagreed, such as their stance on the war in Ukraine, the scarf incident was dismissed with a friendly gesture from Heger.

“I noticed that Viktor Orbán has an old scarf, so I gave him a new one today,” Heger wrote in a Facebook post.

In a previous post, Heger acknowledged the differences of opinion between the V4 group, but stressed that “solidarity and cooperation are key for us. This proved to be the attitude of partners after my request for doctors in case we need them to help in our hospitals.”

“I’m glad the prime ministers have declared their willingness to help. They also offered us cooperation in the hospitalization of patients in border regions,” Heger added.

At the V4 meeting, Orbán also announced that the Hungarian parliament will ratify the NATO accession of Finland and Sweden at its first meeting in 2023.

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