Migrant groups have hours-long shootout south of Hungarian border in Serbia

By Dénes Albert
2 Min Read

Two groups of migrants engaged in a lengthy shootout on Thursday evening in the Hungarian-inhabited village of Horgos in Serbia, situated one kilometer south of the Hungarian border, local Hungarian-language media reported.

In the above image, posted on social media from what appears to be home security camera footage, an unidentified person is clearly seen holding a firearm in the lower right corner.

According to the local SZMSZ news site, firearms continued to be heard after 7 p.m. while the villagers were waiting for their children to return home from school or were on their way to folk dance lessons. Locals reported that most of the village was quiet by 9 p.m., while others said that police officers kept arriving in the village until 9:30 p.m. Around this time, a group of 50 migrants was successfully rounded up.

A video was also posted on the village’s Facebook group page in which the sounds of gunfire can be heard. The scene is additionally frightening because the video was shot on the streets of the village, not in the countryside.

“It’s very beautiful, I have to take a drive with gunshots on my street. Well, hats off to the elected people. As someone who has lived in Horgos for 30 years, I ask why we have to wait for a f***ing answer,” wrote one witness in the comments under the video, with others echoing a similar sentiment.

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